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MapNav’s technology allows for Location Based Services (LBS) to ensure users are updated with latest information on the facility and resources.

MapNav’s notifications feature is used to relay information based on user location within the facility.

Push notifications, safety alerts, navigational bookmarks are some of the applications MapNav’s LBS offer.

Applicable Industries


Zoo Parks

Just one simple mobile application to ensure visitors have a safe and memorable experience.



Effortless identification and location of assets irrespective of the size and layout of the warehouse.


Theme Parks

MapNav ensures optimal space utilization by allowing facility heads to monitor spaces on a real-time basis.


Public Parks

Ensure visitors have a safe and enjoyable time navigating the park with MapNav.



Installing MapNav gives resort managers higher revenue while visitors have an exhilarating experience.


Medical Facilities

Effortless navigation, wayfinding and objects location with the MapNav app. One app, many benefits.


Convention Centers

MapNav supports convention centers by making it more accessible and easier to navigate.


Shopping Malls

MapNav helps in efficient shopping mall management, resulting in higher revenue generation.


Office Spaces

Get real-time mapping, optimal facility utilization,
and seamless collaboration with MapNav.

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