Is An Indoor Location Tracking System Similar To Indoor GPS? [Indoor Tracking & Real-time Location Services]

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Most large facilities such as warehouses, convention centers, medical facilities, zoo parks, and museums among others seek one holistic technological platform for helping them with indoor wayfinding, indoor location tracking of assets and visitors and emergency management.

While GPS helps users navigate effortlessly outdoors and reach their desired location, an indoor location tracking system can work precisely like an indoor GPS by producing real-time data for aiding users not just with facility navigation but also with notifications and updates about the venue, directly on their Smartphones.

indoor location tracking system

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Let’s Look At Challenges Faced @ Convention Centers

From large-scale trade expos & exchanges and product launches to niche get-togethers, convention centers are places which host a wide variety of events.

Usually, events of these proportions are scheduled for days at a stretch and the number of participants could run into thousands. How can such a complex ambiance be navigated effortlessly by the visitors?

Location tracking is the toughest challenge that facility heads and organizers constantly face at convention centers during an event, as visitors have to rely completely on volunteers or signboards to access various spaces of interest during the convention. With the help of location tracking systems, visitors can navigate effortlessly by using point-to-point wayfinding on their Smartphone screens. This enables them to visit each stall, store, and enterprise which is showcased at the expo.

indoor Navigation for Convention Centers

Going forward, facilities such as airports, warehouses, museums, and aquariums among others would surely look at adopting this technology for better facility management.

How Can Owners of Large Facilities Benefit With This?

Each visitor is a potential customer for large facility managers as the venue once inhabited by visitors needs to guarantee an amazing guest experience, as happy visitors means higher chances of them coming back to your venue for further business opportunities.

The package of features provided within the venue by management adds a lot of value to guest experience, and this maximizes possibilities of future collaborations based on the service they provide now.

Large Facilities Navigation

Advanced Technological Platform For Advancing Business Revenues

Virtual Introduction
In a venue such as a convention center, understanding the key element lies in how each and every visitor is making use of all the features during their stay at the venue. An indoor location tracking app serves as the perfect platform for introducing the venue to users while keeping them aware of the various facilities schematized for their use.

indoor location tracking technology

Look at this futuristic idea of Virtual Introduction

An indoor location tracking app solves the problem of visitor concentration – most visitors tend to visit only a few kiosks and exhibits while others wear a deserted look. This could be due to the floor plan having a complex pattern or could be a simple reason such as users not being aware of the existence of particular exhibits at all.

For the exhibitors, this app can help in introducing the visitors to them before they come to the stall. The digital footprint generated by users of the app can be visible to exhibitors and stall owners, thereby aiding them significantly in pitching their product or service.

Virtual introduction is a feature that can empower the stall owners by having detailed information about each and every visitor crossing them. This feature also helps the users to know and bookmark their location during the event by getting to know a brief of each and every exhibitor.

Who provides indoor location tracking technology?

Technology in this digital world can create wonders provided we as users know how to make use of it. Applications are an integral part of marketing in this modern era yet there are very few apps that offer a variety of features along with one pivotal feature.

Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN) Apps

Indoor positioning and navigation apps are a necessity in large facilities such as convention centers as they don’t just focus on indoor navigation alone but also offer much more than that.

Indoor GPS

Look at the features provided by holistic IPIN apps:

Facility Utilization
Market Integration
Visitor Virtual Introduction
Location Bookmarking
Emergency Management

Facilities that intend to serve their visitors with both quantity and quality should always look for a robust platform that offers several benefits in one, holistic application.

In effect, an indoor location tracking system is much more efficient than a system which offers just a platform functioning as an ‘indoor’ GPS.

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